January 2024 Newsletter

Happy New Year to all of our patients and their families, we are dedicated to enhancing our services for your well-being and wanted to provide you with an update on how we are continuing to adapt to the challenges that the NHS faces.


2024 Update: How We're Adapting to NHS Challenges

In July 2023, the government set out a plan to improve the NHS by reducing waiting times and enhancing care. Currently, the NHS faces challenges like long waiting lists, extended A&E and ambulance wait times, and limited access to primary care. The lasting impact of COVID-19 has caused delays in tests and treatments, affecting critical services and putting a strain on mental health resources. Unfortunately, this leads to delays in getting essential services promptly.

To tackle these challenges, we're committed to improving primary care services with a focus on making it easier for patients. We introduced a new phone system to handle increased demand, allowing patients to request a call-back and join a virtual queue. This system lets you reserve your spot while going about your day, and it calls you back when it's your turn, providing a more convenient and patient-friendly experience.

To ensure long-term sustainability, we're embracing digital transformation. This includes giving patients more control over their healthcare through apps. The NHS App is being upgraded to serve as the digital front door of the NHS, offering benefits like booking appointments and ordering prescriptions. Downloading the app on your smartphone or tablet provides easy access to these services.


We're also incorporating digital health tools, like a home kidney testing service, allowing patients to test their urine at home. Our commitment extends to promoting various digital health tools that empower patients to manage their long-term conditions from home.

As part of the Christchurch Primary Care Network, we continue to prioritize government goals. Established in 2019, the network serves over 49,000 NHS patients across four practices: Christchurch Medical Practice, Highcliffe Medical Centre, The Farmhouse Surgery and Stour Surgery. Focusing on community-based healthcare, we aim to provide proactive and personalized care. Additional teams within the network enhance integrated health and social care. Tackling waiting lists is a top priority, and we've hired a care coordinator to lead efforts in early diagnosis and better cancer outcomes. We collaborate with local organizations for direct referral pathways to mental health and wellbeing services.

As we step into the new year, we're committed to progressing both as a practice and part of the Christchurch Primary Care Network, striving to improve patient access and increase efficiency within our administrative teams.

December Activity

49 appointment were missed

2390 appointments were held

3497 calls were taken by reception

Published: Jan 25, 2024