Put us to the test... the new NHS Friends and Family test.

For accessibilty the text available only visually in this video has been incorporated into this news article

This short animated film explains how people who use NHS services can give feedback on their experience of care and treatment by using the NHS Friends and Family Test (FFT).

The FFT has been updated and, in the new version (in use from 1 April 2020), patients and service users, along with their carers and relatives, can answer the new, simpler question: “Overall, how was your experience of our service?”


When you recieve care or treatment within the NHS, you ccan fill out a short questionnaire called the Friends and Family test

It can be as simple as selecting one of six response options or you can also choose to leave comments to explain what happened, what worked well or how the service could be improved. The people who provided your care won’t know who you are because the FFT is anonymous.

You may get a text or email with a link to an online form to fill in without giving your name. The FFT is open to all all patients across NHS healthcare, giving you a voice to say what it was like for you. You feedback remains anonymous and will be considered by peope who can make changes to your local services. Positive and negatice results will be published for services right across the country.

What you say will show where things are going well and where things can be improved so that changes can be made

You put us to the test and tell us what you think.  It’s helping us to make the NHS better for everyone.

Published: Apr 21, 2022