updated at 12:47pm on 22/04/2020

by Jenny

Outstanding care

After a brief stay in hospital and an unhelpful follow up appointment at the same hospital the day after discharge I visited the surgery and saw one of the GPs as I was still very symptomatic. The Gp was lovely and not only took the time to examine me but was able to access the results of the tests that I had had at the hospital and explain the results to me and together we formulated a plan of care whilst I am waiting to have further investigations at the hospital. I felt completely involved in decisions about my care, informed, listened to, respected and safe. Thank you so much.

Visited in August 2019, Posted on 22 August 2019

by Jenny


Always receive excellent care here and am involved in decision making

Visited in June 2019, Posted on 11 July 2019

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