How to Make and Cancel an Appointment

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and to keep our patients and staff save we have adopted different ways working. Although being fully vaccinated reduces the risk of dying or severe illness, it does NOT remove it completely, so it is important to have patients screened by a clinician prior to their face-to-face appointment. We keep our face-to-face appointments for those patients who will really benefit from them. Please be assured, if you need a face-to-face appointment you WILL be offered one, after speaking with the GP. The GP will able to offer both urgent (booked on the day) and pre-booked face to face.

We continue to offer the full range of appointments, as advised by the NHS including telephone, video, face-to-face and online consultations. Working remotely over the last 18 months has shown us that many problems can be dealt with more effectively and efficiently by phone or online consultation, such as:

  • Joint problems (we can refer you directly for assessment with a specialist physiotherapist working for local surgeries)
  • Mental health issues (we have access to a Mental Health Practitioner, a Life Coach and Health and Social Prescriber)
  • Skin problems (many dermatology problems are being dealt with remotely by the local hospitals and we can forward photos from patients for advice rather than waiting for an outpatient appointment).

Both routine & urgent telephone appointments are available Monday to Friday. Please note that on the day appointments are for urgent issues only. To book an appointment please use our econsult service or contact the surgery on 01202 488 486, if you have an admin enquiry please contact the surgery or use our contact us page.

There is an extended hours surgery on a Monday evening for those patients needing an on the day appointment that are unable to attend during normal surgery hours. If you need to be seen in this surgery the consulting GP will be able to advise you a time to come to the surgery.


Cancel Appointments

Cancel appointments you don't need